Sports Adventure Unlocked

I have visited Siargao a few times already since the year 2015. It’s a beautiful surf destination. It’s a haven for surf enthusiasts worldwide, especially when the waves are crazy. I’m not a fan of the sport because I have heard stories from locals about accidents while they were surfing. I also stayed in a hostel back and saw my mates treating their reef cuts after their surf session. I then thought surfing was not a sport I would enjoy. I also fear accidents while doing the sport, so I did not push myself to try it.
Surprisingly, on my latest visit to the island, I tried to surf for four straight days. I just wanted to learn and enjoy the waves. I did good, but I didn’t enjoy riding the waves. I didn’t feel the magic that surfers would feel. It was an alright feeling for me.

The good news, however, is that I have unlocked my love for sports adventure and will try more outside my home country. I’m already excited! Maybe scuba diving in Thailand? Skydiving in Dubai? I’m up for any adventure now as long as I have a travel medical insurance.

All in all, I’m happy that I have become a risk taker at heart, but one thing I would never risk is my health and safety, which is why I trust SafetyWing’s Nomad Insurance. The travel medical insurance would cover me in over 175 countries, and I can start and stop my policy anytime. Plus, they added new features that include adventure sports and electronics theft coverage. Learn more about them here.


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