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The cure to my travel anxiety

I have always shared that having insurance is very important when I travel abroad. It has been a practice and became a habit after learning many lessons from travelers worldwide through Facebook groups. Let me tell you, I have read sad and heartbreaking stories such as health emergencies while on the road. Believe me, they were super scary situations, especially if you are not ready financially.
Being one of those groups changed my perspective on traveling. I didn’t just learn about travel in general; I also got to read horror and scam travel stories. Sometimes, it is discouraging, but who am I to be fearful? The world is too precious to stay at home and not see the other side of the world.
I know that when you explore the world, it’s not just glitter and glamour. Anything could happen. It could be the best, and it sadly could be the worst. That’s just reality.

Travel anxiety exists. It is always present. It’s a significant problem for some. Being in a new country is both exciting and scary. Some get scared by the traffic, the local culture, etc. Some people even feel anxious when they travel or just avoid traveling due to fear. They better stay home in rather than get nervous all the time.

Now, let me share my experience. I am forever grateful that having insurance eased my anxiety. The way to somehow cure my worries was to purchase insurance, which removed all my fears about emergencies in all aspects while being away.

Since then, I have advocated for my friends and loved ones to get one when traveling locally or internationally.

I want all travelers to have peace of mind.

Bali, Indonesia 2023

A few months ago, a friend of mine invited me to go to Bali for her birthday celebration. I said yes, of course. Bali was never on my radar because I am from the Philippines and think it could feel the same. I did not expect so much, and we booked our plane tickets separately from that day.

When my friend finally messaged me that she booked her flight already, I was happy because she had also purchased travel insurance from where she booked her flights.

Too bad she did not tell me because I could have shared with her the SafetyWing Insurance because it is my first choice when I’m outside the Philippines. 

For those curious, it is a travel medical insurance that nomads created for nomads. You can purchase a policy even if your trip has already started. You can pause and resume coverage with flexibility. One hundred eighty-five countries are covered; you don’t need to inform them about your itinerary in advance.

Going back to it made me happy that my friend had the initiative to purchase travel insurance and saw the importance of having it to become a more responsible traveler for our loved ones.

It’s part of the checklist already when traveling for both of us. Our Bali trip was unforgettable because we did a lot of things. We did not plan so much and did not put pressure on ourselves, knowing that we love sleep when traveling. We only followed a specific itinerary on some of the trips. Since it was June, we attended a party in an artsy bar in Canggu. It was so good to see fashionable people dancing. It was unplanned. It was amazing. It was the highlight of my trip because I had never been to a queer party in the Philippines.

I am already planning to revisit Bali. I want to check out Ubud’s vibe since we had little time left during our visit. We could have followed a strict itinerary but were free as birds then. And if I visit again, I want peace of mind as usual, so I’m purchasing the SafetyWing insurance by then.

Hong Kong & Macau Adventure 2023

I influenced my friends to purchase travel insurance on my recent Hong Kong and Macau trips. It was our first time traveling together, so it was also on top of my mind that the three of us should be insured to explore and have so much fun.

I felt so accomplished to be able to influence them about the SafetyWing insurance. I was even the one who booked it for them on the website. I felt like an insurance agent then, and I felt super great. We were able to customize our travel insurance on our travel dates.

It was 2018 when I started to purchase my travel insurance with Safetywing, and back then, you could only buy a minimum of 30 days. So there were better options if you had a few days of travel.

My trip to Hong Kong and Macau was a quick one with them, so the customized date for our insurance was perfect for the three of us.
I have to be honest. I was not surprised that no questions were asked about the importance of insurance. As responsible adults, it’s heartwarming that me and my friends have the same mindset when it comes to becoming responsible adults/travelers.

Now, let’s talk about revenge travel.

Many people are doing revenge travel this year to compensate for the lost time during the pandemic. I know how it feels. Some attend family reunions, revisit favorite vacation spots, go on splurge vacations, or simply spend time outside their towns or cities.

Let’s talk about Filipino Travelers.

The Philippine Travel Agencies Association (PTAA) indicates that Filipino tourists are eager to travel to Southeast Asian countries like Israel and Taiwan, which don’t require visas, as well as Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, and South Korea.

These locations are accessible, reasonably priced, and close to the Philippines. Also popular are extended stays in nations like Georgia, Turkey, France, the Czech Republic, Portugal, Morocco, The Balkans, Spain, and others because of Europe’s diverse cultures and affordable costs.

The USA remains a popular vacation spot, particularly for Filipinos with relatives there. When choosing their destinations, Filipino travelers put convenience, affordability, and cultural experiences first.

All in all, my advice is that all Filipino travelers should purchase travel insurance even if it’s not required in the countries that they are visiting.

Peace of mind is priceless. 


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