Moalboal for the Lazy Traveler Guide

I am becoming more and more lazy when I’m traveling. Before 2023 ended, I visited the coastal town with my city friends. It was a beautiful two-night trip; we did the regular Moalboal stuff for tourists at Panagsama Beach. 

I don’t know what happened, but lately, when I travel to Cebu, I always want to sleep. Maybe it is because I have revisited destinations that are no longer new to my eyes, but this post will be helpful if you feel like you are becoming like me.

Things to do in Moalboal if you want to chill:

Sardine Run

There are two ways to do this beautiful scene: book with a guide or do it yourself. There is a lot of snorkel gear for rent around Panagsama Beach. I may have seen the sardine run a few times, but it still amazes me every time I do it.

Cafe/ Restaurant hopping.

I have yet to see any cafe/restaurant in Moalboal with AC. So, if it bothers you to dine in somewhere on a scorching afternoon, this coastal town is not for you. Smooth Moalboal is an excellent place to drink coffee and do some work.

We only had dinner at Hungry Monkeys Moalboal, and it was superb.

Another thing that I want to share is that there is a local food place near Smooth Cafe, which was also our regular dinner location because they served Filipino home-cooked meals.

Bar hopping

Chili Bar is the ONLY bar that we visited in Moalboal. It was fun and a lot of dancing. We just ordered cocktails. It could be hot inside if many people are there because they have enclosed the area, unlike before, wherein it was just open air.

Those are the three things I could share if you have become lazier as a traveler. 

The antidote to this laziness is to visit a destination for the first time and see its magic with a more energetic vibe.


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