How to Save Money While Exploring Bali

For me, traveling for free is a myth because, as a Filipino, I have to apply for a visa to go to some countries, and it is not an easy challenge. It’s a privilege for us to visit some countries visa-free. It’s another story for me to share.

But for this post, I will tell you how you can save money while exploring Bali for the first time. I was able to travel to Indonesia because we can visit the country visa-free for 30 days.

Here are my tips:

Do a lot of walking.

Staying in Seminyak was a good strategy because there were lovely places to visit for free that you could reach by foot. You have to choose your accommodation’s location carefully to enjoy it. Aside from being physically active, it saves money not to take Gojek or rent a motorbike to see the beautiful sunset at the beach.

Check the local sidewalk restaurants.

I don’t have to explain this but eat where the locals go. The local foods served there are more affordable than those in fancy restaurants.

More dancing, instead of more drinking

When traveling, I avoid bad hangovers, so as much as possible, I buy one cocktail and then dance like nobody’s watching.

That’s how I do it; you don’t have to agree.

Buy a medical insurance. Seriously!

Emergency medical expenses abroad could be high, so you must be ready. As we know, anything can happen while we are on the road.

SafetyWing is my first choice when I’m outside the Philippines. For those curious, it is a travel medical insurance that nomads created for nomads. You can purchase a policy even if your trip has already started. You can pause and resume coverage with flexibility. One hundred eighty-five countries are covered; you don’t need to inform them about your itinerary in advance.


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