I have seen a lot of posts about friends canceling people because of their political beliefs.

Let me tell you what I think.

If you have those kinds of people in your circle, they also have the tendency to cancel you for having a different God, for not having a religion, for being gay, for being fat, for being thin, for earning minimum wage, for living in a small house, for working in a small store, for second-hand shopping, for being pro-divorce, for being pro-abortion, for having dirty shoes, and of course for having a different mindset.

They will cancel you eventually.

Not now, but super soon!

Because in reality, how you do ONE thing is how you do EVERYTHING.

That’s life. It’s about habits. So run, barbie, run!

It’s time to review and assess your circle.

Those people who are into cancel culture but promoting equality don’t get the fundamental idea of diversity.

This world is not a homogenous mixture.

Let us enjoy being in a democratic country.

Let us enjoy our freedom to choose.

Let us enjoy our rights.

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